Our Aims

Mission Statement

To bring all the people of Cardiff back to a faith in God because they know they can trust God’s word by reaching out to people in order to show the scientific accuracy and validity of Creation Science. Creation Science deals with the data, not religious viewpoints.

To support the delivery of our Mission Statement the group has set itself the following aims:

  1. To reach out to other Christians in the area with a view to bringing them on board and so develop the skills and resources within the group.
  2. Establish a website with information about local creation events and links to resources held on other creation websites.
  3. To make contact with other creation groups to share fellowship and to mutually encourage and support each other.
  4. To make contact with local churches to build up a picture of which churches support the literal reading of Genesis, those that support evolution, and those that either support both.
  5. To seek invitations from local churches, schools and colleges to talk about the literal interpretation of Genesis.
  6. To witness through the organisation of regular creation meetings and through social media such as Facebook and Paltalk.
  7. To organise at least one major creation event every year bringing in established speakers.


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